Local tech firms working with local and state governments can create Ohio's Gigabit Cities.


Google Fiber Inspired a New Speed Standard, Now Let’s Make it Happen in Ohio.

Over 1,100 communities applied for the Google Fiber network (creating gigabit cities), demonstrating a deep understanding of the benefit of a world-leading network for community economic and social development.








So What?


When these Gigabit Cities are built, they’ll be about 100 times faster than the average US Internet connection. It was first turned on in Kansas City in 2012, expanded to Provo Utah in January 2014 and is currently being rolled out in Austin.




"Technology centers, such as Silicon Valley, have entered the Next Generation of Internet. Ohio should be no exception."


What Will It Do For Ohio Towns and Cities?

1st: It’s a game changer for regions to attract and keep businesses.


2nd: A gigabit network increases speeds and lowers the cost of broadband for homeowners, government and businesses.


3rd: Wireless applications (fiber connected to micro cells) help emergency personnel cut precious seconds off response times; robust wired networks play a critical role in public safety.


4th: Major cities in Ohio have a growing problem of wireless Internet system crashing.

It will only get worse with the future bandwidth demands of a growing number cell phones, tablets and other wireless devices.


5th: One in five prospective home buyers said that they would be happy to pay more for a property with high-speed broadband, according to a study carried out by broadbandchoices.co.uk and property expert Henry Pryor last year.

Speeding Up the Midwest

Google Fiber inspired a new speed standard, but the Next Generation of Internet speeds won't be a reality in the Midwest.


ACD.net has made it their mission to Speed Up the Midwest, one state at a time.


The Speed Up Ohio campaign has been successful in bringing Gigabit speeds to Ohio communities, with many other cities well on their way.


Broadband Needed to Grow Your City's Home-Based Offices


Ohio neighborhoods with fiber-optic broadband will accelerate home-based businesses. Joe Ross, a Michigan-based small business owner, discusses what it has done for his company.



Communications & Research, Inc.

Government Tech Guru Explains Need For Speed


Michigan's leading technologists, discusses the importance of building out Michigan's broadband networks.


Eric Fredrick of Connect Michigan has a partnership with the Michigan Public Service Commission to ensure Michigan residents and businesses experience the benefits of broadband.



New Housing Developments Require Broader Broadband


Pat Gillespie of the Gillespie Group explains the importance of Michigan's newest FiberHood. It's the next generation of High-speed Internet ACD.net is building across the Midwest. Their newest FiberHood was constructed in Lansing Michigan's Stadium District.





December 11, 2014

Falls Council grants tax abatement to relocating business


According to the approved agreement, Arkay Properties LLC would receive a 50 percent tax exemption for five years to help fund a $1.36 million rehabilitation project — to begin this month and end next summer — at the new location of TRIAD Communications/Next Level Interactive on Front Street.


Speed Up Michigan in the media!

July 23, 2014

Newly installed fiber optics service in Franklin bringing faster speeds

"Franklin residents should be noticing improved cellphone and Internet service after contractor ACD.net recently installed new fiber optics networks and micro-cell towers around the area."

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